HR Training and Team Bonding

  • HR Crisis Management
  • Team building by LAUGHE
  • Training & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Job Description Development

“According to scientists... our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water!”

If you know by now that your personnel is your most important asset then you have come to the right place; your people are your best clients! Effective management of employees keeps a business successful in the long-term.

We pride ourselves in our HR expertise and in understanding the human psychology; what makes an employee be responsible, fulfilled and highly productive. Researches show that one of the most important benefits for productivity in a workplace is NOT a bonus but a healthy and friendly work environment! And that is exactly what we can help you achieve in your company.

We help you with training and development via LAUGHE method, employee satisfaction, conflict resolution, building strong team player, leadership for your managers, asses & evaluate your people with the correct metrics, identify and transform low achievers.

Connecting Services & Strategic Deal Negotiation

  • New business development & Lead generation
  • Closing business action plan

We help develop a market strategy by understanding your business and how to expand your market and how to reach out to new B2B customers. Subsequently an effective promoting approach will be defined for you to successfully present your business to your strategic partners and potential long-term clients, nationally and internationally.

More practically, after a few consulting sessions with us, we will identify a new range of clients and will connect you to them via a first meeting. We will also help you negotiate the best deal for your company.

Business Relationship Development & Restoration

We work with companies in the private sector and organizations in the public sector helping them create healthy environment with their clients and people. Through our experience we have delt with very toxic-difficult relationships among executives and employees or company and a client and have managed with flying colors to restore trust and collaboration among them.

Also, in the public sector we have collaborated with municipalities and restoring the relationships of new arriving management with employees of all levels, creating trust and powerful collaboration.

Business Consulting & Management

  • Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs + SMBs
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Change Management

To take your business to the next level, you need a partner. One who listens to you, understands your business and core values, has out-of-the-box ideas, encourage and empower you, and most of all has hands-on market expertise and experience.

Are you tired of making all the decisions and need an expert to help you to set the right values, set strategic goals and surpass them, to support you practically but also psychologically?

We help you via out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to develop long-term vision and business trajectory, advise you on decision making, operations analysis and optimization, resource allocation, new or foreign market penetration, custom sales and marketing planning - identify what marketing channels are most profitable for your business to pursue -, advise on improving conversion and customer acquisitions, help to identify business or industry-specific risks, consult you on how to deal with issues arising in customer relationships, assess and overcome a market/client crisis and much more.

Maryam Rezaei

Maryam Rezaei

Business and HR Transformation Consultant - Leadership & Unity Creating Professional

Maryam is a multitalented professional with a unique approach for each clients.

Maryam an entrepreneur for over 24 years, has expertise and experience in creating innovative solutions through business consulting, HR consulting and training, coaching, mentoring, empowering and organizing events.

She has the know-how to lead and creat successful businesses by transforming their operations and the Human Resources.

Together with her team she will create a positive impact in your business, help it thrive, and bring remarkable and responsible culture change among your people.

Maryam Rezaei

Chrissoula Manolakaki

Executive Assistant & Connecting Consultant

Chrissoula has exceptional communication skills and the talent to create leads and B2B prospects for clients.

Chrissoula has helped many self-development professionals in organizing retreats and seminars, as well as motivated people to try new practices to guide them on their own pathway towards personal development.

Chrissoula’s passion is to connect people; to help them find out-of-the-box ideas in realizing their vision and goals.


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